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Turnkey package Delivery + commissioning


After feasibility study, a technician BLUELAGOONSPAS can assure your delivery.


• The delivery takes place at your home, with appropriate equipment: your spa is deposited at the place of use (subject to access)

• your spa is unpacked and controlled with you

• It is filled and checked by our technician

• Training in its use and treatment of water is provided to you


You benefit from the expertise and means of delivery of a SPA professional:


Package Delivery carrier:


Our delivery package includes delivery of your spa door by a carrier and by appointment.

The purchase value insurance is included in our package.

Your spa is delivered to you at home with a hatchback truck to facilitate unloading.

Your spa is ready for use and travel upright, protected and packaged on a pallet

A practical guide to commissioning is communicated to you.



Delivery price Metropolitan France, excluding islands: contact us


Spa delivery

Register your warranty

Commissioning of the spa

To help you in your approach, we offer a commissioning package.

In this case, a BLUELAGOONSPAS technician will come to your home to commission your equipment.

This package includes:


- control of your spa

- the control of the tightening of the pumps

- The spa connection to the power line that you have planned

- connection of the drain to the mains drainage near the spa if necessary

- the impoundment of the spa and its commissioning

- training in the use of your spa

- tips for water maintenance and treatment


treat spa water

Basic minimum treatment

1 dose of aquafinesse for spas up to 4 places.

Above 4 places 1 and a half

Treat on a fixed day (very important) every week + 1 aquafinesse pastille to put in the little box at the skimmer's place

Watch the pellet well, put one back in as soon as it is melted. Be careful not to leave the diffuser in the spa when cleaning the filter. It may be sucked into the pipes by filtration.

Clean your filter every week with a powerful spray and use AQUAFINESSE FILTER CLEANER (filter degreaser) to clean the filters


If your water becomes cloudy: shock (shock treatment) by putting 10g to 20g of CHLORIFIX (rapidly dissolving chlorine granules)

SUPERKLAR from BAYROL) is a water lightener, it can also be useful to find a clear water.



Watch your ph! It must be between 7.2 and 7.6

Use strips or an electronic ph tester

If it is above the values, add ph minus

If you do not monitor your tank, your nozzles will oxidize quickly.


Likewise, it is necessary to ventilate your spa by opening the cover at least 2 to 3 times a week (this avoids the whitening of cushions and handles)

If a water line appears, clean immediately with a soft sponge. Also clean in the skimmer and behind the cushions.


Drain your spa


Remember that for its longevity, it is not enough to empty your pool. It is necessary that the basin and the nozzles, as well as the pipes are clean to the re-watering.

Use a deep cleansing product from your spa SPA CLEAN aquafinesse (or ADISAN bayrol)

Put the tablet in water before draining.

Do not use your spa!

Turn the pumps 3 to 4 times 20 minutes.

Then drain the spa

When the second drain does not put clean spa. Spa clean is to put both drainages.

If you use ADISAN, you must use every drain

Thoroughly remove the remaining water in the squares, the bottom and clean your basin with a micro fiber or a soft cloth




Never mix different types of treatment with each other (eg AQUAFINESSE and bromine or chlorine) you will change the chemistry of the water and this can be a danger.

A spa contains between 700 l and 1650 l of water on average worth 5 to 7 € of water, it is always better to drain rather than add several types of chemicals costing several tens of euros for a random result.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult your distributor or Blue lagoon spas France.

Never leave the basin empty without protection (isothermal cover)

If you drain your spa for several weeks make sure there is no water left in the tubing, pumps to avoid the risk of freezing and pollution by bacteria.





Structure spa

Guarantee in case of faulty structure and tightness.



Bassin étanchéité

Warranty in the event of manufacturing defect of the basin which can generate a leak.



Surface coque

Warranty in case of discoloration, lamination or any anomaly related to the acrylic of the basin



Plomberie & équipements

Guaranteed pumps, piping, blower, heater, control box and other equipment not being accessories.




Guaranteed spa accessories (lamps, covers etc ..) for any manufacturing defect or direct breakage.


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